Beautiful Utrecht Tour

The beautiful city centre of Utrecht has many hidden gems. Our local city guide will take you on foot to these beautiful and surprising places in Utrecht. You walk along the romantic canals and yards, visit courtyards and explore small streets. Of course we also walk along the DOM tower and you will meet Miffy. Along the way you will hear nice stories about the city without too many dry facts and years.

This walking tour is very suitable for a (first) visit to our Domstad. But also residents of the city will love to see Utrecht in a quiet way. If you have not fallen in love with this unique city then you are sure to be at the end of the hike!

After that we can arrange a lunch/dinner or a nice culinary or creative workshop in a unique location in the city centre.


  • 2 uur durende tour
  • Nederlands, Duits, Engels
  • Geschikt voor bedrijfsuitje
  • Wandelend
  • Vanaf €12,50 p.p.
  • Tour op maat mogelijk

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Fun and interesting walking tour

Didi is an excellent guide that will take you to all the hidden gems of the city, giving a lot of interesting historical and present day info.

Greetings from Priscilla

The best tour you can find in Utrecht. Seriously.

“Greetings from Utrecht” is a guided tour of your dreams: you know, when you actually feel that it’s a local who tells you stories about the city, not some boring facts. I hope that I’ll visit more of them in the future!

Greetings from Karina

Lovely autumn walk

Had a blast at my first insta walk! Discovered things in Utrecht I hadnt seen before a good thing in other words!

Greetings from Laura

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