Street Art

In Utrecht there is a lot of street art to be found. During the tours we show you what is to be found, who is behind the art and what techniques are used. You also get to know the stories behind the works.

In addition to the walks and bike tours throughout the city, Greetings from Utrecht offers workshops and projects with street art.


Around the former post office on the Neude there were meters long wooden construction fences that were covered with illegal posters and graffiti. Not really a calling card in the center of Utrecht.
Greetings from Utrecht, together with 15 graffiti artists, has pimped up these fences with special works of art. Many visitors, residents, the owner of the building ASR Vastgoed and especially the surrounding entrepreneurs have been able to enjoy the colorful walls for months!

The Wall

Greetings from Utrecht organized a large Street Art event on behalf of the shopping center The Wall, along the A2 in Leidsche Rijn. For a weekend, 10 graffiti artists made live works of art on the boulevard. There were also graffiti workshops for children. This event was very well attended and reached various media.

The works remained at the shopping center for a month and attracted a lot of attention during that time. After a month, all works were auctioned and the proceeds benefited a small football field in the Maxima Park..




The well-known Utrecht Railway Museum asked us to organize their staff day. We mapped out a special guided street art tour around the museum for 100 employees.. They also got to work with spray cans under the guidance of two professional graffiti artists.
In an empty museum, the employees made four different enormous works of art that could be admired by visitors for a whole week!



Hall of fame

A legal graffiti spot can be found in almost all major cities in the world: a Hall of Fame. For Utrecht this was for many years the Grindbak near the Croeselaan. When it was closed, Greetings from Utrecht approached the local politicians together with various graffiti artists. They immediately supported the idea for a new place.
Finally, in good consultation with the municipality, a beautiful new HOF was found in Leidsche Rijn; Berlin Square. Here graffiti artists can paint pieces in peace.
Be sure to take a look here!


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