Street Art tour – self guided


Utrecht is bursting with amazing street art! And beautiful new murals are added almost every month. But where to find them and what is the story behind the murals, graffiti and other art forms on the street? We created an interesting city walk that shows you all the spots and teaches you all about these special art forms. Download our street art map (via the app Google Maps) and discover the best art by yourself.

The tour takes about 1.5 hours and after purchase you can start immediately. You download the map directly to your phone via a sent link or use the QR code. The routes remain available indefinitely and are suitable for young and old. The routes are well lit and can also be walked at night.

Utrecht Centrum West

The self-guided walk is on the West side of the city center. It starts and ends at the Vredenburgplein. But you can also start the tour at any other point. You will walk through the beautiful streets of the city and see lots of different forms of street art. You will be amazed at how much there is to see: mural, graffiti, stickers, small installations and old advertisements.
This route is less suitable for biking. Along the way you could encounter many cozy restaurants and on Saturday mornings you can also catch a piece of the famous 'lapjesmarkt' (textile market).

Purchasing route maps

For only €12.50 (incl. VAT) you can order the walks. After payment it will be sent directly to your email address. With a link/QR code you can put the route on your phone and start exploring. The tour remains available indefinitely so you can buy the tour and use it later.

*Also great as a gift! You will print the mail and the recipient can scan the QR code to activate the map.

Have fun!

Would you rather go out with a guide? That is also possible. From 10 persons or more you can plan a day and time via email. Samller groups are possible but you pay for 10 persons. Contact us via info@greetingsfromutrecht

Great street art tour through the city

Didi gaves us a great look inside the world of street art, tags, kings and toys. Amazing stories she gained from the artists themselves. Really an eye-opener!

Greetings from Delene

Fun and interesting ‘Beautiful Utrecht’ walking tour

Everything went really well, from the planning to the tour itself. Didi is an excellent guide that will take you to all the hidden gems of the city, giving a lot of interesting historical and present day information.

Greetings from Priscilla

Great host and original tours!

Highly recommended street tour through hidden gems in Utrecht. Had such a great experience that I went on another of their various tours that lets you take home some very original photos and memories.

Greetings from Thomas