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Greetings from Utrecht regularly organizes Instagram meetings, also known as an Instawalk or meet. In collaboration with various Utrecht parties, we plan these meetings where Instagrammers / Influencers / Content Creators come by. During the meeting, the participants take many beautiful photos that they publish on their Instagram accounts. The photos can also be used (in consultation with the photographer) on your own social media. This way of marketing allows you to reach a huge audience.
More and more companies and institutions are using this method of marketing to raise awareness among specific target groups. Greetings from Utrecht has an extensive network to link the right people to the meeting. We determine the program in close consultation, we make a selection of suitable participants and provide guidance on the day itself. We also maintain contact with the participants afterwards and re-post their stories and posts.
Of course, a report of the meetings will also be posted on our own social media channels.


Are you opening a new hotspot in the city? Then let us help you with the publicity. We invite the right Content Creators/Influencers who put you in the spotlight. This way you are immediately under the attention of the right audience.

Promotion on Greetings from Utrecht

Do you want to bring your company to the attention of our thousands of followers? We can make it happen! 
We can come and have a bite to eat in your restaurant or spend the night in a hotel or B&B and post a post about it and a number of stories. Or we go to an exhibition, performance or museum and write a review about it for our social media accounts.
We can also draw up an annual plan and, for example, draw attention to your company once every quarter. 

Take note: we are selective in collaborations and therefore do not work with everyone. There must be a click between the Instagram account of Greetings from Utrecht and yours. So we only promote companies that fit our standards so that we remain authentic and credible.

Give away

It is possible to place a giveaway via our Social Media channels. This is a fun way to get more followers and exposure. All promotions are tailor-made and we always discuss the possibilities with the customer.

Our following on Instagram is 16,000 and on Facebook 2100.
Please contact us to discuss your wishes and ideas. 


Onze klanten 


Examples of cooperations

In 2019, Greetings from Utrecht organized three ’empty museums’ for the Centraal Museum. A group of twenty art-loving Instagrammers were allowed into an empty museum after closing time that evening. This gave them the opportunity to quietly view and photograph the beautiful exhibition ‘Utrecht, Caravaggio and Europe’, Jessica Stockholder and Duran Lantink. Before that, they ate together in the museum restaurant and were given an explanation about the exhibitions.
All Instagrammers made beautiful and interesting stories and posts on their accounts and some also post a blog about the meeting. We organized the first Instagram evening in this series on behalf of Utrecht MarketingIn collaboration with the University Museum, we organized a meeting with 25 Instagrammers/Influencers. These had been selected by Greetings from Utrecht and gathered to photograph in the museum and the botanical garden. After coffee/tea and cake and a word of welcome from the museum, everyone went into the museum on their own. Afterwards, the participants published the photos on their Instagram account with agreed hashtags and a link to the museum. This instameet gave the museum an enormous reach among an engaged and relevant public.

We organized an instawalk in collaboration with the Domkwartier in Utrecht. We started with twenty Instagrammers at Grand Hotel Karel V. Director Leo Hollman welcomed everyone while enjoying a drink and apple pie, after which he gave a tour of the beautiful hotel and garden. Then we went walking and taking pictures to the Dom Church. Here we paid a special visit to the upper floor. Afterwards, the participants published the photos on the feed and in the stories of their Instagram account.

Small businesses

Small entrepreneurs such as a restaurant, shop or coffee bar can also draw attention to their company via an Instawalk. For example  TGI Fridays,  30ml en Croquetten Boutique were part of an Instawalk through Utrecht.



  • Duration in consultation
  • Preparation, selection, guidance and communication by Greetings from Utrecht
  • Suitable for businesses and institutions
  • Walking or cycling
  • Opportunities for various budgets

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